World News: From atop his balcony Colonel Qaddafi announced in a nationally televised address that “major combat operations in Libya have ended.“

“In this battle, we have fought for the cause of liberty, and for the peace of the world. Our nation is proud!” Qaddafi told the thousands in the square below. Qaddafi also made a direct connection between the United States stepping down as world leader and success of his troops in the take over of Benghazi. With the war winding down in Libya, the U.S. has fled the “no-fly” zone, officially came…

“In the short term, we beat them, in the long term, we beat them,” he said.

The speech came after the last U.S. aircraft fled the skies over Tripoli and the sound of executions echoed through the Libyan capital. The gunfire appeared to signal a total collapse of the so-called U.S. Coalition. This latest victory came following a push by Qaddafi’s forces as they shelled rebels fleeing in the desert dunes outside a strategic eastern city earlier, and his snipers and tanks roamed the streets of the last major opposition-held city in the west.



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