Misguided Fools: Obama

I think that most Americans are experiencing a generalized depression about the nation these days.

obama fail


It’s a sense of weariness because our paychecks don’t stretch enough in the supermarket where the cost of food, particularly meat and fish, is soaring.

Anyone can state some positive numbers about our economy, and I can just as easily post a counter list, all true, that show the opposite. But why, the true believers won’t believe them.

Here is the one that is most important; whether people actually feel any improvement. And even Obama concedes this point.

“They don’t feel it,” Obama said. “And the reason they don’t feel it is because incomes and wages are not going up.”

The Democrats outspent the GOP this election cycle, tried every trick in the book, but people vote with their wallet. And the simple fact is the US economy is still struggling with too many under employed. And almost every program the government has pushed though has done nothing but make it worst. What fundamentally hurt the Democrats was their inability to deliver prosperity as they used to. In national exit polls, 45% of respondents cited the economy as their chief concern. Ahead of health care, 25%, not to mention foreign policy, 13%.

We’ve learned Obama’s skills are mostly about campaigning and not governing. It’s painful to watch a man who is so obviously in over his head. The president, it seems, is a better salesman than he is an executive. And more and more are suffering because of it.

I’d like to think that he went into office with as genuine ambitions as anyone could and a deep respect for the government, being a constitutional law professor and senator. And I wish he had delivered on his promises – I agreed with many of his points (overreaching executive power, right to privacy, soaring nation debt, etc.) I just never believed he would deliver and would become another Chicago machine operator. And he has. Sadly.



Congratulations to the OUTSTANDING men and women in our military that allowed this to happen! From the pogues 😉 all down the logistics line to the REMF Gamers  in a hut driving a drone, to the SHOOTERS at the pointy end – well done all. Also a “job well done sir” to President Obama. Tough call and high risk, but you made it.  Well done indeed…

HOWEVER: You all know IF it were Bush we would be hearing about Wag the Dog and seeing headlines like this today:

WORLD News: Osama bin Laden Is Dead. US forces shot and killed the al-Qaida leader in Pakistan. Did Obama launch attack to lift his sagging polls? 

Obama Passed Up Earlier Opportunity To Get Bin Laden

Obama Passed Up Earlier Opportunity To Get Bin Laden

American forces launched one of the biggest incursions into US ally Pakistan as President Obama reaffirmed his belief in the doctrine of pre-emptive action. The offensive came as Obama takes pre-emptive action against al-Qaida.

Helicopters and special forces were sent into the family compound after members of Al Qaeda, which has recently moved into the area. The focus of the attack was northeast of…

as the New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh revealed last week, not only will U.S.-directed agents infiltrate existing terrorist groups and provoke them into action; the Pentagon itself will create its own terrorist groups and “death squads.” After establishing their terrorist “credentials” through various atrocities and crimes, these American-run groups will then be able to ally with – and ultimately undermine – existing terrorist groups.

Top-level officials in the Pentagon, the U.S. intelligence services and the Obama administration confirmed to Hersh that the plan is going forward…

etc etc…


Truth is stranger then fiction:

A reluctant American president who was ultimately overridden by senior military and intelligence officials to finally take out terrorist Osama Bin Laden…

And even more:

Obama Hesitated – Panetta Issued Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden


US News:  Weeks after White House officials signed an oath swearing they had turned over all of President Obama’s records, independent examiners found more previously unreleased documents.

US News: Weeks after White House officials signed an oath swearing they had turned over all of President Obama's records, independent examiners found more previously unreleased documents.

The Associated Press, which sued to gain access to the files the latest in a series of embarrassments for White House officials who have repeatedly said they found and released all of Obama’s birth documents and school transcripts, only to belatedly discover more records. Those discoveries – nearly 100 pages, including Obama’s class work – have been the result of freedom of information lawsuits filed in federal courts by AP.

The unraveling has begun. Today there are big changes in the White House, Pentagon and Intelligence community. New players and the musical chairs appointments have created confusion, backlogged inquiries, and shaken long time Obama supporters.

The significance of this latest discovery is initially unclear. The federal grand jury looking into the fake Certificate of Live Birth is moving to collect the information. Mr. Obama remains at a undisclosed location with no official reaction. Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution states unequivocally that “No person, except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

TRUTH is stranger then fiction…

I can’t help but wonder how many other reporters at the Boston Globe — and other major news outlets for that matter — are working on novels while they are withholding information from their readers?