Been too long…

Whew… been a long time. I was as off, taking care of business. And I was tired of giving a voice to truth, fighting against the stupidity of so many, only to watch as more and more people bought into the lie. So I stopped blogging, stopped fighting in comments, stopped trying to swim upstream.

Ready to kicks some ass...

Ready to kicks some ass…

But enough of that, enough about me. I’m dusting my old blog off as there are too many stupid people out there. Starting with the perpetually aggrieved SJW.

Social Justice Warrior. A pejorative term for an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation. A social justice warrior, or SJW, does not necessarily strongly believe all that they say, or even care about the groups they are fighting on behalf of. They typically repeat points from whoever is the most popular blogger or commenter of the moment, hoping that they will “get SJ points” and become popular in return. They are very sure to adopt stances that are “correct” in their social circle.

The SJW’s favorite activity of all is to dogpile. Their favorite websites to frequent are Livejournal and Tumblr. They do not have relevant favorite real-world places, because SJWs are primarily civil rights activists only online.

After watching the SJW drop crap on um… well, almost everyone, including my beloved Marine Corps, some great authors, and now gamers I started to get angry. Again.

GamerGate refers to the online backlash against perceived breaches of journalistic integrity on video game news sites that occurred as a result of the Quinnspiracy, an online controversy surrounding indie game developer Zoe Quinn’s alleged affairs with a number of men working in the video game industry, including Kotaku staff writer Nathan Grayson.

So when Theodore Beale, aka Vox Day, pointed out the forces of good can do something to help stop the side into chaos… well. Okay. Count me in. 

Now… I’ll just have to start seeing what trouble I can get into.

Splash out. Bigol.